Facebook Blueprint Live

18th Oct 2017 - BY Will Campbell

Our very own Paid Search Manager, Will Campbell, shares his learnings from the Facebook Blueprint Live event that recently took place in Dublin. Take it away Will...

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Always on, birthdays off. Sushi Sharing Idea Guardians – join the #Laners as our new Account Manager

6th Sep 2017 - BY Chris Bruce

We're hiring! If you thrive on delivering excellence and innovation against pressing deadlines, managing creatives, developers and clients with professionalism and panache in equal measure, then you could be for us.

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Eighteen Murrayfield: One Happy Client | Branding

16th May 2017 - BY The Lane Agency

Branding is one of the core services offered by The Lane Agency. We're particularly proud of this recent piece of work for McCarthy and Stone.

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Do your media & advertising agencies need relationship counselling?

11th May 2017 - BY Barry Fearn

Media and advertising need each other to thrive, but all too often it can seem like these two forces are clashing with each other rather than supporting each other. Barry Fearn, MD of Lane Media - our media arm, gives his take on how the relationship can work and how it should work.

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The ever growing flexibility of digital outdoor advertising

26th Apr 2017 - BY Natalie Henderson

Lane Media's Senior Planner, Natalie Henderson, brings you her take on the current advance and future potential of digital outdoor advertising.

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Our favourite quotes and advice

19th Apr 2017 - BY The Lane Agency

We all live by little maxims that we've picked up over the years. We put out an agency-wide call to come up with our own favourite quotes and pieces of advice. You might find some new gems in here or you might just pick up an insight into what makes us tick. Either way, we hope you enjoy.

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Double Nomination at The Marketing Society Star Awards 2017

13th Apr 2017 - BY The Lane Agency

The Marketing Society Star Awards is a night for recognising the best campaigns and talent in Scotland's marketing scene. We're proud to have been shortlisted again this year, this time for our work with CalMac Ferries.

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Google Ad Grants: Charities can unlock up to £90,000 of free Google advertising

12th Apr 2017 - BY Vicky Anderson

Google Ad Grants represent a great opportunity for charities and third-sector organisations as they can offer up to £90,000 worth of free advertising. How does the system work though and how can you access Google Ad Grants? Vicky Anderson from Lane Media guides you through it.

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Our Favourite Adverts of All Time!

5th Apr 2017 - BY Teddy Craig

We make content that connects brands to audiences. We can talk to you about it in quite academic or scientific terms. However, we're not just advertising professionals, we're also people. That means we've got our own favourite adverts too. Some of them are silly, some of them are moving, all of them are impactful. We've put together this list of our favourite adverts of all time. Are your favourites on it?

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Our Top Marketing, Advertising and Creative Social Media Accounts to Follow!

30th Mar 2017 - BY Teddy Craig

Marketing is an ever-evolving beast so keeping up-to-date with the latest news, developments and opinion can sometimes be difficult even for professionals. That’s why we've asked our team at The Lane to share their top go-to accounts for inspiration or even just light relief.

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Buzzwords, Buzz Phrases & Buzzy Environments: Marketing Week Live 2017

27th Mar 2017 - BY Ria Dunlop

Ria Dunlop, Digital Media Planner at Lane Media, attended Marketing Week Live 2017. Read her blog post to learn what's new in the world of social media and how your business or organisation can capitalise.

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Paid Search: What's Coming in 2017?

20th Mar 2017 - BY Will Campbell

The Lane's Paid Search Manager, Will, guides you through what 2017 holds for the world of paid search and how your business or organisation can make the most of the opportunities ahead.

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If The Lane did Pancake Day for your brand…

23rd Feb 2017 - BY Teddy Craig

Pancake Day is coming up and the internet will be abuzz with ads, tweets, memes and more all trying to leverage carbohydrate’s favourite day. At The Lane, it’s very easy for us to say that if we were handling your account we’d do something that would make you stand out. The thing is, we’re creatives. That’s why we’ve decided to show you and not just tell you.

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Unlock up to £90,000 free ad spend for your charity or non-profit

22nd Feb 2017 - BY The Lane Agency

All registered charitable and non-profit organisations can benefit from Google Grants. An initial monthly budget of $10,000 a month for Google Search Network ads can deliver up to 5,000 relevant visitors to your website every month. Interested? Lane Media’s specialist Paid Search team are ready to help. Find out more.

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Content Strategy: 7 Reasons why you clicked on this article

22nd Nov 2016 - BY Teddy Craig

How important is the way in which content is structured when it comes to generating your desired effect? The Lane Agency's own Mystic Meg-alike, Teddy Craig, brings you the 7 reasons why you clicked on this article. Is he right? Find out whether his psychic-inspired exploration of content strategy resonates with you.

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What some social media professionals don't want you to know

21st Nov 2016 - BY Teddy Craig

You should always feel in safe hands when you're working with an agency; that means working with a team that can explain things simply to you. The Lane Agency's Community Manager, Teddy Craig, guides you through what social media actually is and why you shouldn't feel out of your depth when discussing it.

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Effectiveness? Learn from the worst.

17th Nov 2016 - BY Teddy Craig

We're used to hearing the phrase "learn from the best" but The Lane's Teddy Craig has decided it's time to learn from the worst. Read his blog post to find out why it's not as crazy an idea as it first seems.

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Content Marketing: How to produce the best performing content.

16th Nov 2016 - BY Teddy Craig

We all hear a lot about Content Marketing, but how can you ensure your content actually has a chance of being seen and of making an impact on your target audience? Our Community Manager, Teddy Craig, brings you his guide.

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Birthdays off, fruit, a training budget AND getting paid to be a Senior Full Stack Dev?

1st Jun 2016 - BY Rob Schmitt

We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency that’s growing all the time (we need the space to put the awards) and we’re looking for you to be a part of an even more successful future.

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Producing great work, benefitting from a training budget and getting paid to be a Full Stack Developer

1st Jun 2016 - BY Rob Schmitt

So you’re a budding full stack web developer and you’re looking for the best place to continue learning while producing some great work along the way? And ideally that place would be an award winning digital marketing agency? One offering a training budget, an extra day off for your birthday and free fruit?

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My Life With Hibs – a Laner's Story

9th May 2016 - BY Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts is an Account Director at The Lane but that's not all she is; she's also a Hibs fan and a daughter. Last year Julie lost her father to Mesothelioma, a form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos and particularly affecting working class men. Earlier this year, Julie watched the video for the Life With Hibs campaign and wrote a letter to Leeann Dempster, Chief Executive of Hibs. She didn't expect much to come from it. A lot came from it. This is what happened next.

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Inspiring Women Create Inspired Women

8th Mar 2016 - BY The Lane Agency

In support of International Women’s Day, we asked our female #Laners to give us an insight into the women who inspire them and why. The words below show that self-belief is never wasted. It’s a trait shared by all of the women nominated by our #Laners and it’s something that will always keep on giving through the example it sets to others.

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Channels v Ideas

20th Nov 2015 - BY Teddy Craig

Which is more important - the original idea or the channel it's published on? The Lane Agency's community manager, Teddy Craig, has worked across numerous media channels and knows which side of the debate he's on.

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5 simple tips to help you create more accessible websites

9th Nov 2015 - BY Iris Winter

Creating accessible websites is not only about creating content for screen readers and keyboard-only users; it is about creating websites that are easy to navigate, understand and operate by a diverse audience. But there is often a big gap between theory and practice.

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Top Tips for Successful Festive PPC

5th Oct 2015 - BY Will Campbell

With Christmas one of the most important time of year for many advertisers and with the big day fast approaching it is important to get your account in the best shape possible ready to deliver those all-important festive sales. One of the most common questions we are asked by clients is “when should we start developing our Christmas campaigns?” 

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Auld Reekie or The Big Smoke?

25th Sep 2015 - BY Siobhan Waddell

Having been brought up, educated and employed in Scotland all my life, when the opportunity came up to move to London in 2014 I jumped at the chance. The thought of this country girl from Peebles living in ‘the big smoke’, gaining valuable experiences and working with global clients seemed just too good to miss. After all, the grass is always greener...

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Size does matter

22nd Sep 2015 - BY Ross Mackie

As online design becomes increasingly complex with users travelling from desktop and laptop to tablets and mobiles as their main browsing platforms, designers have to think from a mobile-first perspective. How will their design concepts look and be used on portrait and landscape, large and small. How are visitors going to use the site on different devices? How the navigation will work on touch screens?

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Raining Cats & Dogs

15th Sep 2015 - BY Jaimie Bell

As a project manager, we often have curve balls coming at us from all angles; if there’s silence we start to feel a sense of unease. Our job is to problem-solve, to ask questions and lots of them. Every project has its own little hiccups and it’s how we prepare for them that will determine our success. I have a couple of top tips and learning’s I’ve taken from running projects over the years;

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Award Nominations and the #feelgoodfactor

4th Sep 2015 - BY Ali Findlay

It's been another rewarding week at The Lane Agency as The Scottish Creative Awards announce their 2015 nominations and we’ve received a very flattering nine nominations across a variety of projects and clients. "... awards are of most value when they sustain the industry's feelgood factor and internal morale."

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31st Aug 2015 - BY Ria Dunlop

Since joining the social media world, it has fascinated me to witness people sharing personal details with the billions of others using the channels. This open culture has encouraged confident people to shout louder and shy people to get heard directly with big brands, providing a space to both applaud and vent from a mobile device without the need to write a letter, submit a form or queue on a customer advice line. 

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Leaving the University Nest

10th Aug 2015 - BY Alison Hendry

It’s been just over a year since I left university and began working life. My degree was in Business Studies; my final year included an Advertising Theories & Practice unit with a session on Advertising Agencies and how they operate. So when I landed at The Lane, I thought I would have it sussed! How wrong could I be?! The theory and reality are quite different, here’s what I’ve found:

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Fear & hope. Words of wisdom for aspiring creatives.

1st Aug 2015 - BY Ricky Stevens

This just happens to be my first article. Ever. I've studied a lot. Read a lot. Listened a lot. Created a lot. Made a lot of mistakes. Laughed a lot. (Cried a little.) I’ve led many. Mentored many. Collaborated with many. Drank one too many. Learned from many. (Argued with a few.)

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There’s no I in Lane

30th Jul 2015 - BY Chris Bruce

I love my job. Cheesy but true. So why would anyone love what can often be a highly stressful, high-pressure and at times knuckle-chewingly frustrating job they call ‘agency life’?  Well, because we solve problems, creatively every day.  Our team brings brands and ideas to life and several times a week we see the kind of client or team delight that makes the ride worthwhile.

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Being an Intern

7th Jul 2015 - BY Belen Mielgo

Finding a placement can be a frustrating task, especially when it's all about standing out from the crowd. There is huge competition among design students and sharpening different skills is much appreciated by studios and agencies. We can’t all be ready-made designers but any skill we are confident in can shine out to prospective employers. 

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The Next Generation – Inspiring Interns

25th Jun 2015 - BY Kay Cochrane

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in” - Leonardo da Vinci This year is the first year that I’ve worked with interns. There are no shortage of enthusiastic candidates, eagerly anticipating their first foray into agency life -portfolio in tow, shiny new mac in their bag.

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Starry Night

19th Jun 2015 - BY Ali Findlay

The ‪#‎Laners‬ may have sore feet, but we have happy faces - a motivational night at the Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards recognising industry excellence last night. Very happy with our lot!

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Pitch Perfect Etiquette

18th May 2015 - BY Ali Findlay

If you were a betting man or woman, would you spend £15 trying to win £50 in a game where the odds were 4 to 1? Chances are, probably not. But that’s what agencies do every week; they spend time and money equating to up to maybe 30% of the potential value of pitch. And up to five other agencies are probably doing exactly the same

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Guilty as charged. Stargazing

19th Apr 2015 - BY Ali Findlay

I’ll admit that I had to be fully convinced of the value of entering awards – it takes a lot of time to put them together, matching criteria and creating the entries. Then a wise industry owl pointed out how motivational a shortlisting can be to colleagues and clients alike, so we took the plunge and selected the Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards as these are about effectiveness, something I am happy to get excited about.

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An Artistic Adventure

17th Mar 2015 - BY Ali Findlay

Days at The Lane Agency are always interesting, but there are days when you feel truly blessed to be in jobs you love working alongside an amazing team of brilliant #Laners, with some great clients enabling you to do great work.Today was one of those great days. Our client, Marketing Edinburgh, project managed the development a project we have been so thrilled to be a part of. Bringing together a diverse team of stakeholders, they appointed us to create a train wrap which brought to life the Edinburgh to the Borders journey at what is undoubtedly Scotland’s most exciting rail project in over a century.

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